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Every January, people take the opportunity of the new year to resolve to make their lives a little better. We always hear the standard “lose 20 pounds,” “stop smoking” or “save money” resolutions, but where is the creativity in those? According to Forbes, only 8 percent of people actually stick to New Year’s resolutions. To jumpstart the success of your goals, a resolution should be personal and a promise to yourself to make this year better than the last. Try one of these simple-to-stick-to goals that are sure to boost happiness and confidence, no matter what your age.

Take A Trip

People don’t take time off for fun as often as they should. According to a recent report by CNN, Americans took less vacation days in 2013 than in the past four decades. Whether you’re still working 9-to-5 or are retired, taking a break from your daily routine can be a great way to recharge. Travel across the world, the country or even just across town. The trip will be good for your health and your happiness.

Traveling provides a new experience to learn, connects us to other cultures and traditions, reduces stress and can even help break bad habits or make lifestyle changes, according to

Learn A New Skill

Always wanted to learn photography techniques, gardening methods, new recipes, sewing or maybe even a foreign language? NPR reported on a study that shows learning a new skill can increase your sharpness and minimize memory loss. In the article, Dr. Denise Park, a neuroscientist with the University of Texas, said that people who took on the task of learning something new, even something simple, improve their memory and cognitive ability. Pick up a new hobby or take a class. These will keep you on your toes, while having fun.

Renew Your Driver’s License

A lot of people give up driving when they get older. Maybe your license has expired or you feel like you don’t need it anymore. Or maybe you never got your driver’s license in the first place. It’s not too late though. Your license can boost your sense of independence and self-reliance. If you’re nervous about taking the test, practice online at sites like Even if you don’t plan to drive much this year, the freedom and option to drive if you desire can make life a lot easier.


While the main reason we volunteer is to help others, a wonderful byproduct is how we can feel more fulfilled and powerful through service. No matter what causes you are passionate about, volunteering is beneficial for you and your community. According to, volunteering helps you connect to others in your community, make new friends and increase your social. It also benefits your mental health and self confidence. Help pick up trash or deliver goods to shelters. It’s good for you physically, and it’s good for the world!


 The Saga Continues… (Rehab)

Sorry that updates are so sporatic, the downs seem to be way outweighing the ups at this point. I have been procrastinating writing about these next parts because it is painful to even think about.

Anyway, the rehab in the hospital was not as bad as it sounds. After being transferred to Delwaware County Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation wing, I spent 10 days going through relearning how to do everyday things like getting out of bed, washing myself, going to the bathroom etc. – all of which we take for granted with two legs but takes a lot of effort trying to balance on one leg using crutches and anything else you can lean on.

Once they deceided I was compitent enough to get around and with Karen’s help, take on everyday living they released me.

Really, Karen did most of the taking care of me. She washed and bandaged the wound, cooked all my meals and even walked behind me while going up the stairs. She helped me do just about every thing else that I was trying to adjust to doing myself. Things kept on like that for the next couple of weeks and improved almost daily. We concentrated so much on getting me back to normal we (I) almost forgot about Karen’s hernia. She couldn’t and didn’t forget about the pain in her abdomen, so I started doing more for myself and even started to push Karen to Stop doing so much for me and take care of herself.

At this point it was mid-November, her pain increased so much that we deceided to call an ambulance for Karen to go to the emergency room and finally take care of the hernia once and for all. We got her to Delaware County Memorial Hospital to have her looked at and treated. We knew that she would need an operation but were not ready for what they told us was the real problem. Yes, she did have a hernia, but they also found a growth in her uteris. They then transferred her to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital to deal with the cancerous growth and get her back on her feet as soon as she was well enough.

I will try to finish this really sad part next week, so be sure to come back then for Karen’s story. I can guarantee that it will be the hardest, most difficult thing I have ever had to write in my life.


This is a Guest Post by If you would like to Guest Post for Baby Boomers US, check out our Guest Post for Us page

They say you don’t stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing. And now that you’re retired that couldn’t be more true. But what are you going to do? What adventures would you want to set out on? What did you always want to do, but couldn’t take the time off work? Well if you haven’t written out your own bucket list, here are three ideas to get you started.

Set Up Shop

This is your chance to finally open that antique shop. All those records you’ve been holding onto despite your record player breaking years ago will fill those shelves nicely. But you’ll need more than that. Start by fishing out that typewriter, the old landscape painting and anything else you think might be of value. And be sure to get your items appraised before you slap a price tag on them. There are a host of resources for antique dealers and collectors alike, but it’s important to do your homework. A wonderful resource is the famous Antique Road Show. There are also antique malls all over the country. All you need to do is start asking questions to be welcomed into the community.

If you’re more of a book person, why not open a used bookstore? To find your initial inventory of books check out estate sales and liquidations. Many liquidations sell books by the penny and estate sales can land you some rare and valuable books at a low price.

The Hunting Adventure

No matter the time of year, being outdoors is where some people find their callings. If you’re one of these people it’s time to pack up your equipment and head off to Montana. However, it can be cold out in the woods, so don’t forget to pick up any winter camouflage clothing you might need.

If traveling to remote Montana is out of the question, look to “best of” lists that feature fishing and hunting locations. And remember, good old fashioned word-of-mouth is a great way to find the perfect hunting spot.

Russell, Kansas which has pheasants, quail, doves, turkeys, waterfowl, and deer in the heart of the Smoky Hills, or Goldendale, Washington where hunting starts just at the edge of town, are two other options to consider. Wherever you end up hunting, it’s important to research the regulations and get the right permits and licenses for your activities.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Have you always wanted to see the world but couldn’t until now? Well here’s your chance. From backpacking Europe or South America, to Caribbean cruises it’s important to have the correct equipment. From backpacks, money belts and phrase books, travel expert Rick Steves has you covered. Most of the resources on the Rick Steves website are for traveling Europe, but the travel advice you can find there is invaluable whether you’re walking the Great Wall of China, exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, or admiring the Sistine Chapel.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed adventure a cruise may be the right fit. Spend your days lounging in the sun, going to movies, dinning out and spending the days in famous cities such as Venice, Maui, or Melbourne. Of course everyone will have a different idea of which cruise is right for them, that’s why it’s important to research the cruise you might want to take and understand what might fit your budget.

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