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Welcome to the February 8, 2012 editionBaby Boomers U.S. Blog Carnival of the Baby Boomers Blog Carnival. There are some really well thought out and insightful Boomer articles for you to peruse this week.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea),  sit back in your most comfortable chair, put up your feet and Enjoy.

This one’s for you!


Asya Fredrich presents 10 Musicians Who Got Their Start Playing in the Streets posted at Renters Insurance.

Terry Hamburg presents Bad Baby Boomer Movies You Shouldn’t (Should) Watch posted at, saying, “Bad movies can be so bad they morph into must-see “kitsch” classics.”


Maureen Denard presents 10 Four Letter Words Describing Parenthood posted at Find A Nanny, saying, “Parenthood is probably one of the most wonderful, difficult, rewarding, thankless, exciting, terrifying, satisfying, amazing jobs on earth. It is full of ups and downs and all kinds of conflicting emotions and experiences. Can it be described using four letter words? I think so……….”

Theresa Torres presents Guest Post: 7 Biggest Money Time Wasters for Families posted at The Budget Mommy, saying, “You may not know it, but there may be areas in your daily expenses that are costing you money. It helps to be aware of them and this article shows you how to spot them and offers ways on how to manage them.”


Chelsea Prescotti presents Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online posted at, saying, “We lock our doors and close our curtains in order to protect our privacy. Unfortunately, however, when we sit down at the computer, we often expose ourselves to those who want to invade our privacy. Our activities online are easily monitored at work and at home, and if we are not careful, we can give away our credit card numbers, identities and much more to the undesirable elements of society when we surf the Internet. Yet protecting our privacy online is not that difficult, especially when we follow these ten easy steps:”

Melissa Rothstein presents Common Sense to Cell Phone (SMS) Texting posted at Best Online, saying, “While SMS text messaging can be convenient in the right kind of situations, it can also create problems that could lead to your information being stolen, damage to your personal property or an injury. When you understand the smart ways to use SMS texting and how to avoid scams, you can benefit from the convenience of instant communication any time you want.”

Joe Plemon presents Should you Itemize or take the Standard Deduction? posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “Understanding the difference between an itemized and a standard deduction could save you hundreds of dollars on your tax return. This post makes it simple.”

Charles Chua C K presents Top 5 Things to Do In Life posted at All About Living with Life.


Rachel C. presents Five Reasons Why You Cannot Wait for Health Insurance | Business Insurance posted at Business Insurance, saying, “As the health insurance reforms roll out, many people are still without any form of coverage. Some Americans are opting to wait for the public programs rather than signing up for private insurance through their jobs or other insurance carriers. There are some inherent dangers in waiting for the health insurance reforms to kick in before getting the coverage that you need. There are several negative situations you can encounter during the wait for public health insurance that can be avoided if you take the steps to get coverage now.”

Dr. Dean presents 5 Per Day: Keeps Docs Away? posted at Dr. Dean’s Blog, saying, “There are a multitude of reasons to eat those fruits and veggies. They are fuel your body needs to operate efficiently and ‘keep those expensive doctor visits away.’ Developing the habit requires effort and planning-read my suggestions.”

Peter Stockwell presents How to Stop Craving Food posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog, saying, “It’s not easy to stop craving food. But there are ways to do it.”


Doris Gallan presents Doris Gallan: What Tintin Taught Me — For Better or Worse — About Travel posted at The Full Feed from, saying, “What inspires you to travel? As a child, the French-language Tin Tin comic book style publications helped me dream of the day when I would explore countries the world over.”

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  1. Dr Dean says:

    Thanks for including my post. There is a problem with the submissions site, but glad to see you’re doing fine.