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Baby Boomers U.S. Blog CarnivalWelcome to the February 15, 2012 edition of the Baby Boomers Blog Carnival. There are some really well thought out and insightful Boomer articles for you to peruse this week.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea),  sit back in your most comfortable chair, put up your feet and Enjoy.

This one’s for you!


Juhli Newkirk presents Having difficult conversations about aging with a parent posted at A Boomer Girl’s Guide, saying, “No one teaches us how to navigate difficult conversations with our parents but how we handle them is so very important and here are some thoughts and resources to make it easier to be successful.”

Tina Marconi presents 10 Lessons Kids Can Learn from Watching the News Every Day | Babysitters posted at Babysitters, saying, “The last thing kids usually want to watch on television is the boring old news. SpongeBob SquarePants or Bevis and Butthead are certainly more interesting and entertaining.”

Abby Nelson presents 10 Situations Where Adults Often Model Bad Behaviors to Kids posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, “As parents I know we like to think that we do no wrong, but have you ever thought about the fact that kids learn by example? How many times a day would you say that you get after your kids about something? Where are they learning those behaviors?”

Paul Taylor presents 10 Embarrassing Moments That Happen in Front of Your Kids posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “There’s something about a humiliating moment that seems amplified if your children are present. Our faces burn a little bit hotter when the kids witness our less-than-stellar moments, but it’s an inevitable part of life and also of parenthood. Here are ten of the moments that we all wish our children wouldn’t see.”

Sarah Johnson presents 10 Reasons College Kids Call Home for Help posted at Home Phone Service, saying, “You’ve sent your kids off to college and, as much as you’ll miss them, you’re really looking forward to the peace and quiet. Good luck with that.”

Molly Cunningham presents 10 Ways to Put Your Family First Over Work posted at Live-In Nanny, saying, “Parents work to support their families by providing food, shelter and hopefully a comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, this usually means both parents are working and the demands of their jobs often take precedence over time spent with their family.”


Super Saver presents No Eating After Dinner posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, “Although I’ve used a number of strategies for losing and maintaining my weight, there is still one I haven’t done recently: not eating after dinner.”


Laura Grace Weldon presents Book Zombie posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “Do you become so immersed in what you’re reading that you’re oblivious to all else? You too are a book zombie!”

Debbie Denard presents 10 Fire Safety Lessons for Kids posted at Nanny, saying, “More than 100,000 fires are started by children each year. Around 40% of children under 5 years old who die in fires are victims of fires started by children. Teaching your children about fire safety is not only good parenting, but can also end up being the difference between life and death.”

Joe Plemon presents 5 Plans for Your Tax Refund posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “If you don’t have a plan for your tax refund, it will vaporize. This post gives five different plans, tailored for your financial well being.”


Matt Ridge presents Osteoporosis posted at Fit’s It 360.


Dr. Dean presents Disability: Nothing To Quack About! posted at Dr. Dean’s Blog, saying, “You owe it to your family to make prudent plans to protect them in the event you are injured and can’t work. Read all about why you need disability insurance and what to look for in your coverage.”

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2 Responses to “Baby Boomers Blog Carnival One Hundred thirty-first Edition”

  1. Dr Dean says:

    Thanks for including my post. As always, a good carnival. Your effort is appreciated.