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coffee cupEvery week I come across an article or two that I find very helpful to me as a Baby Boomer and think may be of some interest to you, the community, as well.

They may be from an online news source, another Blog or Website or something I found surfing around the Internet. They could even be something that was sent in by a reader of the Blog or a member of the Baby Boomer’s Forum.


Bewildered Boomer: New column title admits the truth by Steve Moseley… Admit it or not, we Baby Boomers really do have a language of our own. Read this and see how many of these terms and phrases you recognize from our collective childhoods. Most? All? Do you still use any of them?

Older baby boomers drive less safely, new numbers show by Donald Bradley… Yet another study, yet another way to try to degrade the Boomer set. It seems we are now the drivers that cause all of the problems on American roads these days because of all our frailties. What say you?

I  hope you found this weeks choice(s) helpful and enjoyable. What did you think? Do you have any suggestions for next week?

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