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coffee cupEvery week I come across an article or two that I find very helpful to me as a Baby Boomer and think may be of some interest to you, the community, as well.

They may be from an online news source, another Blog or Website or something I found surfing around the Internet. They could even be something that was sent in by a reader of the Blog or a member of the Baby Boomer’s Forum.


How Baby Boomers are Picking a Retirement Age by Emily Brandon… If you haven’t retired already, how do you plan on determining when you will actually retire? See if any of the ways listed fit your plans.

Why no-tax-increase pledgers have it wrong by Sandra Block… Bruce Bartlett is not the type of guy you would expect to stand against the Republican no taxes no matter what stand on the economy. This interview will explain his way of thinking on taxes.

I  hope you found this weeks choice(s) helpful and enjoyable. What did you think? Do you have any suggestions for next week?

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